Our story


In the spirited chaos of everyday life with my daughter Valentina, the routine of getting dressed became a daily adventure. Valentina, with her boundless curiosity, couldn't quite fathom the need for a coat. The struggle to dress her turned into a daily playful tussle, prompting a heartfelt desire to turn these moments of stress into enchanting ones. I found myself yearning for a way to transform this stress into something enchanting.

What if getting dressed wasn't just a routine but a journey? What if every piece of clothing could be a tiny adventure, a magical companion for my little explorer? Ugga, born from the desire to turn every "Why?" into an "Oh, wow!" became more than a brand – it became a narrative of shared laughter, of overcoming tiny hurdles, and of a mom determined to turn the everyday into extraordinary.

Ugga wasn't just a solution to the daily dressing saga, it was a promise to Valentina and all kids out there – a promise that every day could be a tale of joy, curiosity, and the pure magic of childhood.