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DIY Sewing Kit - Children's Scarf

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Do you want to sew and don't know where to find the patterns, have no idea of the materials needed and don't even know how to do it? Then you're in the right place. Ugga created a concept that supports, helps those who want to start or start sewing again.

This accessory is super versatile. You can either use it to protect the babies from the cold, drool or even the sun, or to use it as a belt in those panties that cannot be readjusted.

This scarf must be used from 1 year of age and always under adult supervision.

To facilitate the creation of the scarf, the fabrics are already cut. This model is simple to perform and accessible to all levels of knowledge.

This kit includes:

- Fabrics (Cotton gauze - 100% cotton)

- Sewing thread

- Pins & needle

- Ugga & Made with love label

- QR code to access the tutorial


The cotton gauze fabric is OEKO-TEX standard 100 certified. This label guarantees the absence of harmful or irritating substances for the baby's skin.

The cotton gauze fabric is widely used in the children's segment because it is very absorbent, airy and very soft to the touch.


In addition to the material included, you will also need:

- Scissors

- Marker or pen

- Knitting needle or other sharp object

- Sewing machine

- Iron


All kits come with a surprise treat.

Experience the love of creating for yours with this kit :)

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